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you will never grow…


i received a message late last night, on facebook. 11:57 pm. it was foreboding. caused my mind to race in search of explanation. panic in my chest. felt my blood drain. no way. left speechless. words written…needs to talk to me very very badly. missing person. horrible things. man hit. killed. train. words slip from the page, run down into a puddle. unspoken, but there…suicide.┬ádon’t even begin to know what to do. what to say. how to process. i look left and see possibility, exciting things, africa! i look right and see despair and complete overwhelming tragedy. and only a tiny margin before i board a plane. for this, no roadmap exists. how can life go on? the world feels impossibly black and unknowable. everything has stopped.

i want unlimited bikram yoga.┬áthe moment i return from africa, i want to drive to the tempe bikram studio and sign up for unlimited yoga – a package called, “the magical year”…this year, which will begin in south africa…i think this will be a magical year…i guess that is probably up to me…

starts NOW. lots of errands. plus bikram yoga.

to cross nearly everything from the to do list and leave work behind…

south africa playlist:

  • spirit of africa – traveler’s song
  • vieux farka toure – sangare (remix)
  • gigi – guramayle
  • peter tosh – mama africa
  • bela fleck – kinetsa
birds of south africa
mammals of south africa
leather gloves
camera chargers
mist net (6m)
malaria pills
BIG lens
journal, pen

521 for 23 wishes project

kindness ripples...

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