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do or do not…there is no try. – yoda


to build a habit.

each day you must wake up and say, today i will….

it may be the habit of eating better. it may be the exercise habit. maybe it’s both, after all they go hand in hand. the hardest part is getting through those 21 days, because the rewards will be small, too small to notice – and that can be discouraging. but they are there. and to get there you just have to do one thing, once each day.

my goal this year is to do 201 yoga sessions. when i first set that goal i started to think about whether it might be too hot in the summer for hot yoga, or if i’d be too busy sometimes, or if i might be out of town too much or might just get burnt out on yoga by august. i nearly had myself talked out of making any sort of commitment. maybe i should just set my goal lower, maybe i can’t do 201. it would be safer to shoot for 150.

and for about the first 3 weeks, i had to talk myself into going. the whole big daily debate. the conversation. had to drag myself there, some days. make time. squeeze it in. what have i done? i just spent a lot of money for a year of yoga and some days i don’t like it, it’s hard. and i REALLY didn’t like sitting there looking at myself in the mirror with bright lights on. i felt fat – i was fat, and couldn’t really hide from it.

and then, into my 3rd or 4th week, the feeling that i wasn’t sure if i could do it started to give way to i can’t wait to feel like that again. i started to see results. the conversation in my head had started to change too. my mind started strategizing about where i could squeeze a yoga in. what i could eat to feel my best during practice.

i’m so glad i didn’t talk myself out of sticking with it; i’m so glad i got through those 21 days.

drink plenty of water, have a good spin, and eat with purpose…

(me) On my way out the door this morning, only in bloom for a day or two….

(you) On My Way Back In The Door This Morning, Always In Bloom In Indiana In The Springtime…

another short run tonight. i guess in the beginning it is more about building the habit than anything else. i tempt myself with little goals. when i first started yoga, the first goal i had was a little one, to work on my flexibility. although weight loss was looming large in my mind, i thought i was only going to do yoga for 2 weeks, the length covered by my gift certificate. i thought it might be a jump start for some other form of exercise. at the time, i had a couple rolls of fat spilling over my waist and i would get achy if i sat too long. at work, i would sit in my office chair and freak out because i could feel multiple stomach FAT ROLLS. i couldn’t believe i had gotten to that point. but i had and that was that. i thought to myself, “this must be what it feels like to get old and stiff.” i’ve been disgusted with myself so many times. because i know better.

when you feel disheartened or discouraged, remember you’ve been here – at the beginning of marathon training before. you’ve done it. do something each day to get back in the running habit, and even if it’s something little, let that be okay.

or, dandayamana dhanurasana…

of the 26 poses in the bikram series, standing bow is my favorite.

it is for building patience, concentration, and determination.

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