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at the end of the day when you feel scattered, it’s okay to realize that you are tired and things are bound to unravel in your mind even more than usual. just let it go until tomorrow. i think you should never be trying to accomplish things or thinking of things after 7 pm, unless it’s just to make a note about something for tomorrow….


julie and i met when we were in junior high. we were in band together and did our share of goofing off in high school and after graduation, just before i moved to arizona.

just after julie had scotty, i came back to indiana for a visit. that was the first time i met scotty, at my parents house, on their beige couch. scotty was the first baby i ever held in my life. he was wearing a red and white jump suit.

i got to know scotty from letters that julie wrote me. she was always talking about him. like in this letter, dated april 16, 1988: ….”Speaking of Scotty:

He’s almost 9 months old now! His beautiful hair is redder everyday! He has two bottom teeth and is working on some more. He sits perfectly and is now into crawl/scootching backwards. I really enjoy him. We don’t live far from Brown Co. Park, so sometimes we pack up and go out there. He loves being outdoors. I’ve got a baby back pack I put him in and we go on walks. He is such a good natured baby. He’s sitting at my feet right now playing with his toys.

You’ve gotta have one!”

even after scotty was older, any time i would tell julie about something i was doing, some place i was traveling, her response was always, “that’s so great, i’ve got to tell scotty about that.”

i am sad that i know scotty best from things that julie has written or told me, rather than my own personal experiences; we had so much in common – music, we liked so many of the same bands and dave matthews band is my absolute favorite; reading… and i love the quotes i’ve read on scotty’s facebook page; love of animals – i know we would have a lot to talk about. but i’m glad that i did know him, and for the times that i did spend with him. and i know that my life has been forever touched by scotty’s life, and promise to live in a way that honors his life.










reflected by the lake at grandview, float across the sky.

cicadas buzz. eyes watch.

tears as they drift and carry our hearts up and over the trees and away.




521 for 23 wishes project

kindness ripples...

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